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Veara SynchronizeSynchronize is flexible middleware which can be customized to update data and provide notifications across the Internet. Automatic updates from multiple databases to your content manager or electronic commerce store - including media!

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MultiCommerce provides management of multiple individual websites or stores from a central administration system. Each store is independent with individual pricing, administration, design, payment processing, identities, domains and security.

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The rapid growth of mobile commerce is being driven by a number of positive factors.

The demand for applications from an increasingly mobile customer and consumer base; the rapid adoption of online commerce thanks to the resolution of security issues; and technological advances that have given wireless handheld devices advanced capabilities and substantial computing power.

Veara mobile

Veara applications are mobile enabled.

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We are interested in acquiring technology assets which will fit well, and grow our organization.

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Veara for Business

We leverage our experience. We specialize in electronic commerce, real estate and integration services, automatic database update systems, website design, programming, custom web applications, web hosting, email communications, and technology consultation.

Our growing list of clients nationwide includes: technology solution providers, real estate brokers, industrial wholesalers, manufacturers, medical clinics, retailers and fraternal associations.

Business Hosting
Website Development
Electronic Commerce
Social Media
Software Development
Optimization and Analytics

Our Ecommerce  technology uses Microsoft .Net technology.  As with our earlier commerce applications, each store is independent with individual pricing, administration, design, payment processing, identities, domains and security.

Our MultiCommerce supports multiple individual websites or stores from a central SQL data system. We use Microsoft .Net technology to build on and further enhance our experience in Ecommerce.

News and Events

Windows 8 is coming

Brace yourselves: Windows 8 is coming. Today's tech news roundup goes over the new Windows operating system, available Friday Oct. 26. Be sure to read up on CNET's complete guide to using Windows 8 before upgrading. And if you are in the market for one of the many Windows 8 computers, don't get tripped up by the different versions of Windows 8. Just remember: Anything with "Windows RT" will not run your older Windows software. The Windows RT version of the Surface tablet is already facing shipping delays. However, if you live by one of the 23 Microsoft stores, you can reserve a Surface for pickup on Oct. 26.

Windows 8 isn't the only thing we're bracing for next week. Apple will announce details about the iPad Mini on Tuesday, and as usual, CNET will be covering it live. iPad trade-ins are heating up before the big announcement. You'll find that buy-back sites pay more on Apple gadgets before a new product launch, so get your quote now. And if you choose to sell it to NextWorth, you can get 10 percent more on iPods and iPads with the code "MINI" at checkout.

There are only a few more days left to prepare for Halloween. A new gadget from ThinkGeek can spice up your costume with sound effects. The Mega Stomp Panic comes loaded with sounds for a zombie, gigantic monster, cowboy, knight, pirate, and two types of giant robots.

My favorite sounds were of the city-stomping monster, spurs on the gunslinger, and hydraulics of robot legs (awesome for any Iron Man costume). And, of course, who doesn't love the Mario-like sounds of the video game hero!

Original article:  http://news.cnet.com/8301-33692_3-57536384-305/what-you-need-to-know-about-windows-8

Microsoft Surface tablet announced

Microsoft has just announced their brand new Surface tablet – while it is not the Xbox Surface that was part of the rumor mill, it is still an achievement considering how the Surface package has been miniaturized into a chassis that measures just 9.3mm thin. Not only that, it will sport a USB 2.0 port, although we do think that one is not asking too much for a USB 3.0 port, right? The beveled edges that have been chiseled at a 22-degree angle certainly make the entire device look real good – especially when it comes in a full magnesium case. We have since published a hands-on preview of the Surface for Windows 8 RT tablet.

The entire Microsoft Surface tablet tips the scales at 576 grams, and you can of course, gain access to a wide range of Windows apps – Xbox included (yay!). The optically bonded display was specially designed for Surface’s use (with some Corning Gorilla Glass 2 help, too), where other hardware specifications include a built-in stand in order to transform the Surface into a digital photo frame of sorts when the need arises. A magnetic connector that enables a cover to snap on across the display makes us think of the iPad – how about you?

The cover itself is 3mm thin, and in order to prevent folks from accusing Microsoft of pirating their great rival of the fruity kind, we are pleased to see that this cover is actually a full multi-touch keyboard, now how about that? There is also a touchpad accompanied by left as well as right buttons, making touch typing a possibility – no idea on the learning curve though. Built-in HDMI connectivity will be accompanied by front and rear cameras. The ARM processor running on this Microsoft Surface tablet will be provided by NVIDIA, as we expected. Read about the professional version of the Surface tablet after the jump, coupled with the lowdown on both tablets’ system specifications, and a picture gallery to boot.

Original article:  http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/06/microsoft-surface-tablet-announced

Veara now uses Foundation.  Foundation 5 is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. You can quickly prototype and build sites or apps that work on any kind of device with Foundation, which includes layout constructs (like a fully responsive grid), elements and best practices.


As one of the largest credit card processors in the world, Authorize.Net Payment Gateway provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary for fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data between websites and the payment networks.


With Reflexion incoming and outgoing email is scanned to block malware (such as spam, viruses and phishing attacks) and automatically archived in secure, compressed, offsite storage with powerful search and recovery features.


The fully customizable way to get paid securely. Payflow Pro, a market-leading payment gateway, connects your online store to your existing internet merchant account.